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The grand old man also picked out Vernon for a shot he hit tamely at James as City clung on unimpressively.
He impulsively sets about finding work and lodging for her, but his inability to bridge their communication gap leaves him bumbling unimpressively.
But instead of giving the movie some kick, Bray's action--when it does come--is unimpressively staged, shot in too-tight close-ups and sloppily cut.
FRONTIER scout Dana Andrews tries to keep a peace treaty alive in cliched, unimpressively cast Western (1956) PP
More often than not, though, they have saddled themselves instead with flavour-of-themonth players justifying the tag of all-rounder only in that they batted as unimpressively as they bowled.
Japanese originally liked Koizumi for his bold ideas and his courage to take on the establishment, but support flip-flopped as his agenda began to look unimpressively mainstream.
Lillard's Shaggy is a far more inspired cartoonish accomplishment than the unimpressively rendered Scooby.
At this moment the sunlight was glinting all too unimpressively on what was left of Martineau Square.
When stripped of his theoretical armor, he limped along unimpressively in an intellectual no-man's land and didn't, it became apparent, have much to say.
Doing the calculation this way reveals that the overall net group difference in the pregnancy rate was unimpressively small: five (3%) of the 168 students who took the class and three (4%) of the 70 who did not, became pregnant.
If numbers do indeed tell a story, then 1999 ended unimpressively for property/casualty insurers, though better for the life/health industry.
The broader Standard and Poor Index, which measures 500 companies, moved unimpressively from 450 in 1993 to 470 in 1994, and then to 755 by January 1997.