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Far from entering an age of maneuver, we have entered a new age of attrition warfare in two kinds: First, the war against religious terrorism is unquestionably a war of attrition--if one of your enemies is left alive or unimprisoned, he will continue trying to kill you and destroy your civilization.
In the end, Poliziano argues that the only way actually to attain wisdom is through philology, because only the philologist could examine all the evidence, be unimprisoned by disciplinary shackles, and pass dispassionate judgement on life's problems.
gowns, their untamed hair still lush, yet unimprisoned in a chignon, and
Furthermore, the unexceptional manifestations of prison sexual violence simultaneously reproduce imprisoned bodies--and criminalized unimprisoned bodies--as non-heteronormative and the state as heteronormative.
We can be transported into a world of cold decisions and harsh consequences, yet come out on the other side not only unscathed (and unimprisoned) but somehow better for the experience.