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He spits them out with a remorseful air, for he feels that it is in his nature to be an unimprovable reprobate and that it's no good HIS trying to keep awake, for HE won't never know nothink.
On Friday she was in Grimsby appealing to the EU to be a bit more flexible and improve still further this unimprovable deal.
Czapski, naturally, chose to speak about his favorite author, and his lectures, collected under the unimprovable title Lost Time, were published last month by The New York Review of Books.
Standard difference schemes (4.2), (4.1) and (4.2), (4.4) converge under the unimprovable condition [N.sup.-1] = o([epsilon]).
In a case when p(n) is asymptotically close to one of the periodic critical states, unimprovable results about oscillation properties of the equation
The definition of the RASD was unimprovable. Nothing of regularity or irregularity, nothing of roofs and windows, nothing of defending oneself from the outside.
Every man living has some kind of philosophy, usually an unconscious, therefore uncriticized, uncorrectable, unimprovable one, what Philipp Frank called a "chance philosophy." If you want to improve it, make it more realistic, more useful, and more fruitful, you have to be conscious of it, and work with it, criticize it, improve it.
Maybe so -- but Creed is superb and unimprovable, a joyous crowd-pleaser that's both thrilling sports movie and humane drama anchored by a soulful Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa, quietly contemplating Death ("No matter what you do, it catches up to you") as his protege (a vibrant Michael B.
(Closed.) Unimprovable. The venue had been under renovation since January and would be for two glorious years.
They improve the seemingly unimprovable - David Beckham, George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Chris Pratt, Paul Rudd, John Hamm, Jamie Dornan, Idris Elba, Jake Gyllenhaal the list is as endless as it is delicious.