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And then the learned writers, proponents of realpolitik in their own stride, lament, "Yet the victims stand by impotently as if the price of oil were some natural event determined by a competitive economic market that is uninfluenced and uninfluenceable by political forces."
For PK trials the participants' target dog is selected for them, and races are run in real time with the dogs' movements determined by a highly labile (Orion) electronic noise device; for ESP trials the participants have a free choice of which dog will be their target, the target's movements are determined prior to selection and with reference to a relatively fixed (and theoretically virtually uninfluenceable) set of pseudorandom numbers, and the race is replayed using recorded data.
Whenever I have tried to make some suggestions, the responses that I hear from you include "good luck to you," and "trust us, our users are uninfluenceable."
If you act toward them the way you are acting toward me, I can see how they would become, in your eyes, uninfluenceable.
You may be experiencing me as uninfluenceable. I want to seek to establish conversations that do not require me to distance myself from my and your responsibility for the problems.
* I want to explore what I am saying or doing that makes me, in your eyes, uninfluenceable.
But, to protect their belief, they must close themselves to alternative views and make themselves uninfluenceable. Their bind is that to remain confident they must remain rigid.