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In turn, far-reaching institutional reforms should be anchored on independent political authority, uninfluenced policies, social relations, political culture and democratic governance.
s overall structure that appears uninfluenced by recent efforts to situate it in the rhetorical forms of the Second Sophistic (74).
It is of course expected of public officials, especially state officials, that they will exercise their duties and powers uninfluenced by such connections, and that they will act independently, objectively and fairly," he added.
Additionally, Jomaa said he will solely work with uninfluenced collaborators and can only be held responsible for his own policies and choices.
He said they must make ''a dispassionate judgment uninfluenced by public opinion.
They are highly influenced, influenced, less influenced, and uninfluenced.
The independence of the two countries and remaining uninfluenced under third-party pressures was among the other issues underscored by the two officials.
Each person must make his or her own count completely independently, uninfluenced by anyone else.
It is true that even the most developed countries with top-class educational systems have fanatical fringes, but their mainstreams stay uninfluenced, robust, decisive and domineering largely because of the mass of their citizenry being educated with broad outlook and worldview.
com)-- While many believe that first-graders are only concerned with playtime, Anatoly Volynets knows that the honest and uninfluenced minds of first-graders can provide an innate and grassroots insight into myriad subjects, including, for example, culture and exclusive rights.
This is not to claim that the communist system developed in Hanoi was uninfluenced by Soviet or Chinese models--but as Marange explains, the 'appropriation of the Soviet model grew out of the desire of the new political elite' (p.
Seeking to allay this fear, the bench observed: " The fact that the probe is monitored by the constitutional court is itself an assurance that the CBI investigation is not actuated with ulterior motive to harass any public servant and the agency performs its duties and discharges its responsibility of fair and impartial investigation uninfluenced by extraneous considerations.