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The demands of employees, shareholders, and consumers and clients are some of the influences considered to have had the least impact, and perceived economic benefits and stock exchange requirements are viewed as similarly uninfluential. There again appear to be disparities between the views reported in this instance and those reported in other aspects of the data, or between respondents' perceptions and their actions.
Then I will reflect upon my experience as a professional economist and journal editor to argue that placement below the top does not doom one to a meaningless, unfruitful, and uninfluential career.
The court reported it was unsatisfied "the chairperson will be sufficiently uninfluential in the activities initiated and in the decisions made by the commission proper to be evaluated as a single-member office." The case was remanded to the U.S.
(68) As early as 1566, the Queen had to 'cope' with a 'very persistent opposition', (69) although, 'even at the end of Elizabeth's reign, the Opposition was a small and uninfluential lot'.
The studies also demonstrated that the interfacial stability of multilayer flows was determined by a number of factors that were either essential (e.g., thickness, viscosity, and elasticity ratios) or rather uninfluential (e.g., density ratios and interfacial tension).
A later description uses the words of "traditional academic ethos, which maintains the erstwhile myth of disinterest," underlining perhaps how uninfluential the academic world truly is except for their self-supporting compatriots.
(88.) According to Keith Thomas, "In 1868 John Stuart Mill declined the Vice-Presidency [of the RSPCA] because the Society's operations were limited 'to the offences committed by the uninfluential classes of society.'" See Thomas, Man and the Natural World: Changing Attitudes in England, 1500-1800 (London: Penguin, 1983), 186.
The former Transport Secretary has no ambitions to return to government, and appears content with his role as a thoughtful, and by no means uninfluential, backbench voice.
The political scientist James Payne's informative but uninfluential 1991 book The Culture of Spending made a compelling case that spending and re-election are not inevitably linked.
By the same token, as long as researchers are disinterested in promoting the operational utility of their findings, empirical information is destined to be uninfluential in correctional decision-making.
Consciousness has been conceived of as 'the starting point of psychology' (James, 1890), but also, in contrast, as 'uninfluential' and even 'non-existing' (Watson, 1924).
Wrekenton-born Jill, 29, who starred as Roxie Hart in the hit musical Chicago in London's West End, plays Therese, is trapped in a loveless marriage to her weak and uninfluential cousin Camille.