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He indicated that there have been notorious examples of uninformed destructive attacks on judicial officers and the judiciary during the past year.
Obama and his cronies have confused stupid with uninformed.
I suggest that the supporters of UKIP are far from uninformed and that such a label can be attached to Mr Craven himself.
One representative group was left uninformed as to the performance of students at its local schools.
Hofmann and Nell (2011) compare fee-for-advice and commission systems in a duopoly market with uninformed consumers, where only matching matters.
This initiative has had a phenomenal effect on a society that still remains largely uninformed.
Rick Perry praises Dewhurst's conservative record and criticizes some backers of former Solicitor General Ted Cruz as uninformed.
Sometimes that opinion is informed and thus valid and sometimes it's uninformed and thus invalid.
An uninformed buyer showing up at your shop is an opportunity for you to help him become an informed buyer.
The broader public is uninformed that the program for self-employment has been functioning in Macedonia for the last three years.
We define an asset to be perfectly liquid if a portfolio manager can trade the quantity she desires when she desires at a price not worse than the uninformed expected value.
It means the majority of people encounter uninformed GPs - a huge obstacle to recovery.