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For the uninitiated, elevator pitch is a succinct description of your concept in a way that any listener can understand it in 20 to 30 seconds or the time it takes a person to travel in the elevator from the ground to their office floor.
remainder of the text: more jarring, more dreamlike --and perhaps harder to follow for the uninitiated.
Fans of Alan know what to expect by now - for the uninitiated, if you match him drink for drink (if his chat show is anything to go by), you will have a teeny weeny headache in the morning.
For the uninitiated, the fantasy drama combines Tarantino-esque volumes of spurting blood and sex scenes that would make even Ron Jeremy blush, with turns from every British actor who's ever appeared on Hollyoaks, Skins and Harry Potter.
For the uninitiated, van Gerwen is a world champion with a love for elaborate celebrations while Wright winds up the crowd - and opponents - with his actions and has stupid hair.
"At the end of this torture, we'd bolt the few miles back to barracks and the uninitiated would think that PT was over for the day.
For the uninitiated, she's the cash expert who gets to the root of the nation's money worries and advises us about the best ways to go about cutting costs.
For the uninitiated, queer quartet Girlyman is a collaboration by Ty Greenstein, Nate Borofsky, Doris Muramatsu and her partner (and former Po Girl alum) JJ Jones on the drums.
IN RELATION to the response from Caroline Clarke (March 11) to my letter of February 26, the point I made was that I objected to the RSPCA saying jockeys beat horses, which is a very misleading statement to the many uninitiated members of the public who think jockeys are cruel to horses.
For the uninitiated, bogeys were self-built go-carts with a dodgy rope steering system.
But, for the uninitiated, Grant plays a thirtysomething bachelor perplexed at his lack of success at finding the ideal bride.
Now there's a clever tool by author Bob Crelin to help introduce the uninitiated to the phases of our Moon: the Moon Gazers' Wheel ($4.95).