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SHOWDOWN Keanu Reeves in an uninspired effort by David Ayer.
Joao Saldanha's Atelier de Coreografia, from Rio de Janeiro, served up an uninspired octet.
Amongst the most popular are Gone but not Forgotten and Ever Remembered, Ever Loved; a few months ago I would have said they were uninspired but now I share the tender emotions.
Trouble is, most of the songs are uninspired and no amount of showboating can save them.
I felt exhausted and uninspired, a slave to the grind of schoolwork and schedule.
And while the mood moves from twangy to gritty to straightforward, powerful rock, and while O'Connor's sandpaper vocals try to lure you in, all that work trying to pick out the words ends only in frustration and disappointment in the uninspired instrumentations.
Once considered the best pound for -pound fighter in the world, Jones looked uninspired as he had the fight totally taken to him by journeyman Johnson.
McFly kicked off their 40-minute set with the high-tempo Saturday Night and while their lyrics are uninspired, and their tunes derivative, the lads were entertaining and really engaged with fans.
Sadly this movie is an uninspired re-styling of the original film.
Yet in a competitive environment where every maker's quality is on the uptick, producing uninspired but highly reliable econoboxes is not a formula for long-term success.
All this in spite of a seesaw economy, continuing fears of terrorism, an impending war and generally uninspired product innovation.
As a National Post editorial put it, "The CBC remains rigorously uninspired and pursues the marginal story of anti-Catholic political activism as though it were of roughly equal scale and importance.