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NOT since the days of the Soviet Empire has a public building been saddled with a name as drab, uninspiring and downright condescending as the official moniker Los Angeles officials have slapped on the newly restored Van Nuys City Hall:
Thomas settled an uninspiring match 15 minutes from time when he raced on to Matthew Rose's pass before coolly chipping Swindon keeper Bart Grieming from close range.
And even if you order iced tea or something equally uninspiring with your dinner, the staff doesn't seem to mind at all.
IF only the entire state of California had been hit with a rolling blackout for five minutes on Thursday evening, we could have been spared Gray Davis' uninspiring, televised whine.
California State University, Northridge, has long been known as a confusing place to navigate, punctuated by buildings with uninspiring names.
Since the oleander is everywhere, including and especially on freeway median strips, it is downgraded to a commonplace, uninspiring species.
28 through the end of the season, the Kings were an equally uninspiring 11-13-1.
While the 60-year-old Chernomyrdin is seen by most of the Russian public as uninspiring, he is a consensus figure for much of the power elite.
At a time when the country is looking to the government for confidence and encouragement we get a dull and uninspiring budget from a dull and uninspiring Chancellor," IAG said in a statement.
This newspaper backed Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour leadership, a controversial decision at the time, but one we thought necessary because the Labour Party needed a new direction and ranged against him were an uninspiring slate of alternative candidates.
A fine 88th-minute finish from Eder was enough to secure victory in an otherwise uninspiring game that leaves Sweden on the brink of elimination - although unambitious performances from either side did little to deserve more than the goalless draw that almost unfolded.