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Effect of filming on tooth-bnrshing performance in uninstructed adults in north-east England.
The legal system, however, will no doubt insist upon instructing juries about causality (whether or not it finds such uninstructed judgments lacking).
One interesting and potentially helpful finding of the jury instruction work is that, on issues on which the uninstructed jurors did relatively well, the instructed jurors tended to do better,(50) presumably because the legal instructions built upon and articulated the lay jurors' existing intuition of what a just rule would be.
From the very first Discourse, Reynolds envisaged his Presidency as that of philosophical intermediary between art students, the cognoscenti and literati, a role he took sufficiently seriously to conduct a radical promotion of universal a esthetics as a means of benefiting a largely uninstructed society.
For all those reasons, Theaetetus, we must admit that refutation is the greatest and chiefest of purifications, and he who has not been refuted, though he be the Great King himself, is in an awful state of impurity; he is uninstructed and deformed in those things in which he who would be truly blessed ought to be fairest and purest.
The first is precisely that it's lazy, and that if, say, a Petain cartoon or an Action Francaise symbol had been proposed, the editors would have considered their readers too dense or uninstructed to get the point.
Neoplatonists held that the approach of the philosopher to the Good may be retarded by the terror or [epsilon][kappa][pi][lambda][eta][zeta][iota][zeta] of the Beautiful,(12) and, if the process of enlightenment can be likened to the hunting which is part of initiation, we know from Plato's metaphors that the hunter may be hunted," and from experience that the vestiges or [iota][chi][nu][eta] of reality may be dangerously alluring to the uninstructed eye.
Furthermore, his only audience is an uninstructed, naive young wife, who desires words of love rather than dry dictionary definitions.
They will also enjoy the book-length introduction Longeway has written, as it is partially an attempt to recharacterize Ockham's philosophy as an innovative contribution to the history of philosophy, rather than "a clever but uninstructed sign of the decay of Scholastic discourse" (p.
However, various institutional investors argue that the SEC should go ahead and approve the New York Stock Exchange's proposal to replace a 70-year old rule that allows brokers to vote uninstructed client shares in uncontested director elections.
In addition to shareholder access proposals, public and private pension funds are championing majority threshold voting, reimbursement of proxy solicitation expenses, and limitations on uninstructed broker voting.
In order to assess maintenance of the instructed words and to identify any change in the uninstructed words, three probe sessions were conducted of all 15 words (three word sets) after the student reached criterion for each word set.