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UNINTELLIGIBLE. That which cannot be understood.
     2. When a law, a contract, or will, is unintelligible, it has no effect whatever. Vide Construction, and the authorities there referred to.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Nevertheless, the difference in vowel duration between the Speaker and the standard is specially marked in the three 'long vowel' environments, suggesting that unintelligibility is likely to occur.
My argument is that solidarity with (localised) unintelligibility is the key concept that unites the efforts of these different activist groups, be it environmental issues, the abuse of animals or discrimination towards the transgender or Palestinian struggles.
Because knowledge units are fine-grained and structured representation of components in the target system, to a certain extent, the complexity of SD method, the homogeneous unity of cellular in CA method and the unintelligibility of agent structure in MAS method could be overcome.
Kristof writes, "a culture that glorifies arcane unintelligibility while disdaining impact and audience.''
In it, Steward attempts to provide an account of agent-causation that can avoid the charge of metaphysical unintelligibility so often leveled against agent-causalism.
It's a harrowing place to do time, but a surprisingly effective stage for a father-son reconciliation, and though the unintelligibility issue will severely limit its reach, this powerful dysfunctional-family saga is too well acted to go unreleased.
The idea of a universal human language goes back at least to the Bible, in which humanity spoke a common tongue, but were punished with mutual unintelligibility after trying to build the Tower of Babel all the way to heaven.
When those professors, thinking they were being obedient to Rome, helped destroy the vocation of one third of my class by subjecting them to hour after hour of frustrating unintelligibility, they were in fact being disobedient.
Since they evince a mild leftist tone, their unintelligibility is automatically taken to be a sign of first-rate genius.
Schoenberg's remarkable A Survivor from Warsaw was distorted to the point of unintelligibility (the narrator, Omar Ebrahim, hollering bravely), and prospects for a triumphant homecoming were looking slim when the maddening, soupy echo then ruthlessly picked apart no less a warhorse than Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.
The deviation of the law language from ordinary speech enhances its unintelligibility. There will always remain a gap between the language of the law and ordinary language (between the meaning of certain concepts in the law and their meaning in other contexts).