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UNINTELLIGIBLE. That which cannot be understood.
     2. When a law, a contract, or will, is unintelligible, it has no effect whatever. Vide Construction, and the authorities there referred to.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Similar pieces, unintelligibly highbrow by today's standards in a magazine meant for mass consumption, appear in the "Religion" and "Books" departments.
What is worse according to Naeem (2010) is the unintelligibly vague nature of publications on creative writing practices in English, which renders it practically impossible for anyone to follow all English fiction that is being published in the country.
Our characters in Prometheus want to know why they were created and the Engineer (who may not have even been able to understand such an inferior race) responds unintelligibly to their first request (which is albeit full of hubris as it is a selfish one) and proceeds to eliminate them.
Jabbering unintelligibly with thick brows jutting out above their eyes, who could they be?
But in recycling, unintelligibly, an idea the Army officer corps already debates and tries to improve, Thomas Ricks's The Generals distracts from legitimate issues and cheapens the debate.
Yet the "moral" of the story is that the son of a doctor has every right to so unintelligibly tell his dad where to stick their family's generations of medical practice.
He whispered unintelligibly and complained as lovers will in secret conversation.
"I went to my professor's office to ask for an extension, and began gibbering unintelligibly as I had the night before.
1 Calculate (7) 5 Keep under control (7) 16 Twice as many (7) 17 Aberdeenshire model (5,3) 18 Onlookers (9) 19 Slow (5) 20 Newt (3) 21 Tidal barrier (3,4) 22 Atone for (6) 23 Proof of purchase (7) 25 World's highest mountain (7) 26 River mammal (5) 27 Football pundit, - - - MacLeod (5) 29 Chattered unintelligibly (8) 31 Elderly lady?
(29) This should reduce the number of unintelligibly splintered decisions that frustrate the bar, the lower courts, and even members of the Court itself.
So I remember being taken aback by the commitment of kids who could have been out enjoying their first experience of serious short-term memory loss, but had instead opted to spend the start of their weekend grunting unintelligibly without even a hint of booze.