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The organization's primary mission is to ensure that women with unintended pregnancies who are undecided as to what to do are given the time and space they need to make their decision, without the influence of the external agendas that currently drive the discussion around this issue.
UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE--You make yourself sound old and out of touch with the needs of today's buyer.
The driver of a 2010 Corolla has blamed a sudden surge of unintended acceleration for a low speed parking shunt that he was involved in, and claims that the NHTSA database has 163 similar reports.
The new study, "Intended and Unintended Pregnancies Worldwide in 2012 and Recent Trends," by Gilda Sedgh et al.
2) This low contraceptive use has contributed to the high rate of unintended pregnancy in the region.
FLINT, MI - A Detroit area judge has ordered Toyota to turn over documents related to a fatal crash attributed by the victim's family to sudden unintended acceleration.
Saudi Arabia on Wednesday announced the recall of more than 400,000 Toyota cars for alleged problems with unintended acceleration, a statement from the kingdom's ministry of commerce and industry said.
AN UNINTENDED JOURNEY; A CAREGIVER'S GUIDE TO DEMENTIA uses personal experience and research to provide readers with an insider's view of dementia care.
Washington, May 8 ( ANI ): Women with unintended pregnancy are four times more likely to suffer from postpartum depression at twelve months postpartum, a new study has suggested.
Every action has consequences, sometimes unintended ones.
And, when it comes to reducing unintended pregnancies, here is information nurses will welcome, because Iowa is leading the way with important new findings.
The law of unintended consequences cannot be found on a statute book anywhere in the world and yet it is the most frequently invoked law in terms of the number of times it comes into play.