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Unintended pregnancy has substantial health, social, and economic consequences to women and infants, and contraception use is a well-accepted proximate determinant of unintended pregnancy.
The extent to which the ACA mandate may reduce unintended births is uncertain, however, as removing financial barriers may not guarantee full access to prescription contraceptives.
The unintended consequences are well known to both individuals and business owners who need to cover the higher premiums and the higher deductibles.
Next up is the unintended risks and factor exposures that come with many factor-only approaches.
National rates of unintended pregnancies haven't been examined since 2008.
dagger][dagger]) To determine the number of women of reproductive age who are not using one of the most effective or moderately effective contraceptive methods and who might therefore have an unintended pregnancy, a series of assumptions were made.
In 2011, to reduce the country's disproportionately high HIV prevalence rate, the Malawian government implemented Option B+, a strategy for HIV management that includes prevention of unintended pregnancies (through the provision of injectable contraceptives) and initiation of ART for HIV-positive pregnant and breast-feeding women, regardless of CD4 count or clinical stage.
2) Given that birthrates had also declined substantially during that time, the authors hypothesized that fewer women were experiencing unintended pregnancies.
MMPC), meanwhile stressed that they have tested Montero cars while investigating the reports of unintended acceleration and the results have shown that the Montero Sport would still be safe for use.
UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE--You make yourself sound old and out of touch with the needs of today's buyer.
So when a researcher says a certain percentage of pregnancies are unintended, we need to carefully separate the various strings plaited into the premise before we jump to any conclusions.
It said the vehicles will be equipped with a break override system to "reduce the risk of sudden unintended acceleration without the ability to stop or control it.