unintentional mistake

See: oversight
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READ:'How?' Duterte asks amid call to keep Chinese out of Philippine EEZ A memorandum from the Guangdong Fishery Mutual Insurance Association, a group which counts the owner of the Chinese fishing boat as one of its members, claimed that the incident near Recto Bank last June 9 was caused by an "unintentional mistake." Recto bank is within the Philippines' exclusive economic zone, where the country has sovereign rights.
The association further said that 'although this accident was an unintentional mistake of the Chinese fishermen' it believes that the Chinese fishing boat 'should, however, take major responsibility in the accident.'
HBO has quietly digitally removed the coffee cup after the unintentional mistake.
In reply to a query, Khurram Butt outlines there is the possibility of an unintentional mistake which can be rectified through an FBR notification.
The unintentional mistake of one German firm, which resulted in the inclusion of banned Polish pork in its shipments, would certainly cost its counterparts a lot of money.
Embassy and anthem singer Tamara Todevska about this being an unintentional mistake and was given assurances of utmost respect for the Macedonian tradition and heroes," the Government said in its statement.
If Michaelides took such offence and believed the Cyprus Mail was breaking the law in failing to change the place-name on a report filed by Reuters, why did he not pick up the phone and point out the unintentional mistake of the paper so it could be changed?
'The FIA's decision to seize all properties of the foundation including hospitals, blood banks, educational institutions and relief centres worth billion of rupees only for an intentional or unintentional mistake of an individual or two is beyond any logic,' the statement said
However, the approbation comes amidst rumours spread by anti-state elements that the caption in question was an unintentional mistake on PTV's part.
Slide right after the first video, to see the reason behind my successful attempt at this new language (forgive me if I made any unintentional mistake though)
In the latter part of the video, you'll see the reason behind my successful attempt at this new language (forgive me if I made any unintentional mistake though)," he tweeted.
The organiser of a Melaka event where pork was served has apologised to Muslim and Hindu reporters over the unintentional mistake, while a PAS leader remains dissatisfied even when halal food was provided at the event mainly attended by non-Muslims.