unintentional omission

See: oversight
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5) Coverage Extensions Included: Building Ordinance Or Law, Business Income/extra Expense, Computers And Communications Equipment $250,000, Software, Data, Valuable Papers, Equipment Breakdown Coverage, Outdoor Property $300,000, Property In Transit $50,000, Property Off Premises $100,000, Uncollected Funds, Pollutant Clean Up $150,000, Debris Removal $100,000, Spoilage $250,000, Money & Securities $50,000, Outdoor Signs, Fire Extinguishing Equipment, Property Of Others, Sewer & Drain Back Up, Crime Reward, Additional Covered Property Not To Exceed $500,000, Fungus $50,000, Lock & Key Replacement $25,000, Unintentional Omission Of Property $500,000, Waived Deductible Up To $1000
That was an unfortunate and unintentional omission when our pitching Triple Crown chart did not include Bob Feller's 1940 season.
David Jones should have been listed as a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for both Volumes 29 and 30; I apologize for the unintentional omission.
this Policy covers such physical loss or damage, to the extent it would have provided coverage had such error or unintentional omission not been made.
Among other points, it said the government cannot accept the court's argument in the ruling where it acknowledges broad legal responsibility of Diet members even for unintentional omission.
The intentional or unintentional omission of male issues of concern related to sexual health poses a serious health risk to general health.
1 says "an unintentional omission or mistake," whereas def.
Negligence can be viewed as an unintentional omission to carry out one's actions in a certain way.
The government said it cannot accept the argument in the May 11 ruling by the Kumamoto court where the court acknowledges broad legal responsibility of Diet members even for unintentional omission, by referring to the 1985 Supreme Court decision.
Pop-up messages to remind users to complete certain sections on an electronic form can also eliminate the unintentional omissions of questions.
The Commission naturally draws a distinction between clear cases of intentional fraud and irregularities which can be attributed to a range of factors (complexity of financial arrangements, errors or unintentional omissions.
Unlike errors and unintentional omissions, fraud is unique because it involves deception and concealment.