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Employees perform routine tasks with unintentionality and a lack of awareness (Ohly et al., 2017) in an effortless way that does not require a large amount of cognitive resources (Chae & Choi, 2019).
The authors are particularly interested in excavating the unintentionality of what is left behind and how to interrogate future-making from the remnants of the past.
Because broader societal inequalities in terms of social capital, media literacy, and (access to other) resources may skew the pool of candidates for particular reality shows (Grindstaff, 2006), this both points at the structural dimension of the issue while leaving some room for unintentionality on the part of reality program makers (which does not mitigate potential harmful consequences, though).
Abu El-Haj dissects the discourse of 'unintentionality', arguing that 'most civilian deaths in urban counterinsurgency warfare may be 'unintentional', but they are also predictable' (Abu El-Haj 2014).
As collateral damage is revealed in the marketization of education through "college and career readiness," marginalized individuals fit Bauman's critique of the ethical blindness of unintentionality. Those who are victimized by policies within education are not seen as powerless but as ineffective.
The attempt by one of the editors to account for its inclusion in the volume by writing that "although these issues were not directly addressed by Prague Structuralists, they were arguably anticipated by them, especially in Mukarovsky's analysis of of 'unintentionality'" (20) is not really helpful or convincing.
Purkey and Novak (2008) argue that it is not the policy itself as much as what the policy communicates that is vital to the invitational model (i.e., trust or distrust, respect or disrespect, optimism or pessimism, intentionality or unintentionality).
Later, Professor Harper writes that the mistaken attribution "might be seen as a comparable--albeit unintentional (though that unintentionality is part of my point)--disavowal of the real significance of racial difference in the very sites of daily personal experience and familial domesticity that are the focal points of the novel" "Disavowal" might name what Robinson exposes in the novel and finds that critics haven't given enough attention to.
Like NATO, Israel insists on the unintentionality of its murders, with the exception of the 'targeted assassinations' (which usually take the lives of people nearby anyway).
As Goldstone aptly explains it, the Report essentially saw dead civilians and, without any further evidence, assumed intentionality, when in fact, the IDF's track record of attempting to minimize civilian casualties, combined with Hamas's track record of using civilians as human shields to either deter retaliation or provoke outcry when retaliation kills civilians, should have moved the mission to find unintentionality; in this case, according to Goldstone himself, subsequent evidence proved them right and him wrong.
A factor analysis was conducted to check their unintentionality. To test for the construct validity of a variable, a principal-component factor analysis was conducted with a VARIMAX rotation.