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The event itself passed in an uninteresting atmosphere with complete indifference of participants, some of whom were sleeping or staring in their phones and tablets or even blank papers.
The purpose of the contract is to provide targeted support in the form of subsidies from spending on research and development providers within the program, 907,040 (defense applied research, experimental development and innovation) for the project "Optimizing the detection of very small airborne targets primary radar and adaptive suppression volatile time reflections and uninteresting Interference - Detection of PR.
Simo further explained that users would be able to easily tell Facebook if something was offensive or uninteresting right from the feed stream.
The stamps to be issued on June 1 to commemorate the World Cup are, to say the least, very uninteresting and unimaginative.
2m facts that are not interesting, yet only 8,550 uninteresting ones?
March Of The Dawn sets the tone for what follows - think the mid-section of The Beatles's Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite - but it never becomes repetitive or uninteresting.
Poor graphics, a lack of true innovation and a fairly uninteresting storyline all combine to make a sub-standard shooter that will need rebuilding from the ground up if they're going to even consider a sequel.
The Journal of Educational Psychology recently published a study titled "Supporting Students' Motivation, Engagement, and Learning During an Uninteresting Activity.
It says: "The somewhat hefty entrance fee is mainly for the grounds, as visitors are only allowed into one room - stocked with rather uninteresting memorabilia.
Becoming paranoid that she is uninteresting, she takes revenge on Rodney by ruining a business meeting, but when he throws the book away to prevent more trouble, Nicola is left in crisis, above.
Formula One racing is the most uninteresting sport it is possible to imagine.
But when Li blocked the spiders' exposure to UV light, both males and females suddenly went from good-looking in each other's eyes to uninteresting.