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In any ease, in Jerry Zaks' uninterestingly east production, it appears something vital was lost in translation--assuming something was there to begin with.
Good guys like Kent (Steve Pickering) and Edgar (Joaquin Torres) come off uninterestingly, their loyalty to those who have wronged them present but fundamentally unexplored.
In this uninterestingly designed staging at least, the Navy drama seems stilted, unable to harness its awkward relevance for renewed vigor.
But neither an uninterestingly angst-plagued Coyle nor Elliot Cowan as Carlos' supposed friend, the Marquis of Posa, stands a chance next to Jacobi's black-cloaked king, a worthy follow-up in every way to his work with Grandage as Prospero in "The Tempest.
Aussie thesp Otto is stuck with an uninterestingly developed role.
Blanche has been changed from a dramatic actress into the former star of MGM-like extravaganzas, so the show leads up to a lame song-and-dance flashback on a Hollywood soundstage (created efficiently, if uninterestingly, using projections by set designer Jerome Sirlin) that's as endless as it is meaningless.