uninterrupted connection

See: continuity
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Whether you are accessing a critical SAP application from your office, standing on a street requesting a Lyft, binging on a new Netflix series at Starbucks, or sitting on a couch at home with a gaming controller, you are dependent on fast access to graphic processors in data centres thousands of miles away for every click, with a high-quality and uninterrupted connection critical to user experience.
It is also a cultural asset with intrinsic and intangible value for the Mirrar traditional owners, who have had an uninterrupted connection to these lands for more than 65,000 years.
With the launch of its powerbanks, Duracell brings to its customers unstoppable and long-lasting power for devices providing them with an uninterrupted connection to the world for up to 72 hours.
Enterprise customers can now secure the transfer, management and control of large amounts of data from remote and mobile assets such as digital signs, healthcare devices and business backup using the NWL-25 to separate data from public Internet traffic, and deliver an uninterrupted connection to internal IP networks.
The Note Edge is designed for uninterrupted connection with the world.
Through its proprietary features, the Satellite Dish Heater insures that facilities that depend on satellite reception for vital services, such as hospitals, always have a clear and uninterrupted connection. The product also negates the need for dangerous attempts at clearing snow and ice from satellite dishes, such as scaling ladders and getting on roofs.
The concept "separation anxiety" is the invention of a society that denies a baby and child's need for uninterrupted connection. In this vein, we can deprive a child of food and describe her reaction as "hunger anxiety," or we can let her be cold and call her cries "temperature anxiety."
The bridge will begin to rise along Marine Drive opposite Oil Pier-III and will be anchored on the other side of Karachi Port channel at Manora with causeways leading to Manora-Sandspit Road, Lyari Expressway and Northern Bypass for smooth and uninterrupted connection with hinterland.
Another reason for not offering wireless to individual apartments is the inability to offer uninterrupted connection. Uninterrupted connection is the key to a friendly Internet experience.
In addition to speed, ATM gives an uninterrupted connection, like a telephone."
During the Malta Innovation Summit, Schembri visited the Vodafone stand for the launch of Narrowband IoT, the next generation of internet of things in Malta aimed at pushing the boundaries of connectivity even further, meaning that a device will be able to maintain a strong uninterrupted connection whilst conserving battery.
Your tap has to be uninterrupted connection between two bounds to create your capture wall.