uninterrupted connection

See: continuity
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The satellite communication terminal uses an industry-leading system and boasts a highly reliable tracking platform that provides a stable and uninterrupted connection for customers to meet their vessel-to-shore, data backhaul and remote monitoring application requirements.
Enterprise customers can now secure the transfer, management and control of large amounts of data from remote and mobile assets such as digital signs, healthcare devices and business backup using the NWL-25 to separate data from public Internet traffic, and deliver an uninterrupted connection to internal IP networks.
The Note Edge is designed for uninterrupted connection with the world.
Through its proprietary features, the Satellite Dish Heater insures that facilities that depend on satellite reception for vital services, such as hospitals, always have a clear and uninterrupted connection.
The bridge will begin to rise along Marine Drive opposite Oil Pier-III and will be anchored on the other side of Karachi Port channel at Manora with causeways leading to Manora-Sandspit Road, Lyari Expressway and Northern Bypass for smooth and uninterrupted connection with hinterland.
Uninterrupted connection is the key to a friendly Internet experience.
In addition to speed, ATM gives an uninterrupted connection, like a telephone.
Firetide's infrastructure mobility architecture allows for uninterrupted connection between the fixed and mobile nodes, delivering seamless Wi-Fi for the passengers.
Your tap has to be uninterrupted connection between two bounds to create your capture wall.
True claims to be a leader of convergence solutions in Thailand and it expects to offer its customers the benefits of WiMAX-based technologies, enabling customers on the move in its remote areas, seamless and uninterrupted connection to advanced services.
With its zero-handoff technology, mobile devices need not switch channels when roaming, so users and applications have a guaranteed, uninterrupted connection.
With virtual cell technology, because mobile devices need not switch channels when roaming, users and applications have a guaranteed, uninterrupted connection, while with micro cells, connections and sessions are established and torn down with every roam.