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In theory, and aside from the terribly uninventive name, it sounds smart: I am building my own business and that business is "me." I know I'm not the first actor to attempt to use this model; in fact, I'm sure I stole it from somebody else.
Other officials point out that since the country is evolving, government agencies should have campaigns that incorporate modern elements of advertising and branding instead of churning out plain and uninventive messages to the public.
Environments are bland and uninteresting, enemies are brainless and uninventive, and the boring Story mode is over within a couple of hours of playing at most.
uninventive additions prolongs its monopoly beyond what the public has
"Our attack play was boring, uninventive, lacklustre, even schoolboy at times."
direction slack and uninventive. As a whole Face to Face cannot be considered more than a worthy but uninspired effort" (106).
The central compositions of the paintings are uninventive: highly abstracted figural representations huddled predominantly towards the center of the canvas, depicting dancing, singing and other musical themes.
Inventive and uninventive clusters: The case of Canadian biotechnology.
Firstly, no matter how lazy, irresponsible and uninventive the aforementioned people could be, they still have at their disposal the free market framework, complete with the price structure, which allows for cost accounting and rational allocation of resources (which, even if done badly, is still better than not being able to do it at all).
Last year I was going to do the standard uninventive Valentine's stuff.
Mass catering can be a nightmare of cold, uninventive, indistinguishable fodder.
When India moved towards TRIPS compliance by amending its Patent Act, it adopted a similar standard to that of the US--it changed the definition of "invention" to "a new product or process involving an inventive step." "Inventive step," in turn, was defined as "a feature of an invention that involves technical advance as compared with the existing knowledge or having economic significance or both and that makes the invention not obvious to a person skilled in the art."(6) The Indian Patent office often calls an ordinarily skilled person the "uninventive man."(7) The word "uninventive" embodies the American idea that, for an invention to be obvious, there needs to be either an explicit teaching or suggestion; or a common sense motivation to reach the claimed invention.