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Parents (32 percent) receive the most uninventive holiday gifts and teenagers (29 percent) are the most difficult group to gift, and according to the survey, receiving an uninventive gift is likely because they don't know what to get them and can't relate to them (39 percent).
Regretfully (and, at times, proudly), I have a history of reacting violently to being called the N-word; once, in Columbus, Ohio, the hip-hop dancer and choreographer Rennie Harris and I found ourselves crossing six lanes of highway traffic one late morning, fleeing after I punched a beefy, white guy in the nose for hurling that all too familiar and uninventive epithet across a counter at me; the other occasion occurred when I was eighteen years old in a fraternity house on a college campus in Philadelphia as rap music was being played.
39) Evergreening refers to undue extension of the statutory monopoly attached to a drug product by means of listing numerous patents on a register with obvious or uninventive modifications.
In the early years Dickson's judging was "meticulous" but uninventive and cautious.
Last year the company launched special edition sleeves for Toblerone in time for Father's Day, with packs displaying pictures of traditional uninventive presents such as socks, a tie and a pair of slippers.
When Droylsden pressed, Jody Banim twice failed to test Acton with close-range shots that both flew off target - but then the encounter fell into a midfield battle that proved uninventive and lacking in flair or imagination.
Such an uninventive solution is the cheapest way to tackle the problem.
If you mistook this dull picture for one of Opie's equally uninventive, more occluded, blizzardy icehouse photos, would it make any difference?
This began at least as early as the 1820s and drew its inspiration from the more general European view of 'savages' as completely uninventive.
The sculptor, he said, possessed a "highly competent yet essentially uninventive talent.
The process so far has been completely uninventive, partly due to the deception of the commodity-like paradigms marketed by the west.