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Last year I was going to do the standard uninventive Valentine's stuff.
Mass catering can be a nightmare of cold, uninventive, indistinguishable fodder.
The IPAB found that the uninventive man would have been motivated by scientific journals to prepare imatinib mesylate from imatinib, but he would not bridge the gap all the way from the prior art compound, imatinib, to the claimed invention, the beta crystal form of imatinib mesylate.
DIZZEE RASCAL Dirtee Cash We're inundated with dodgy covers of old dance tracks at the moment, many of them dull and uninventive, but this latest effort from the young British rapper is genius.
Computer CP1 The following questions ask you how you Playfulness * would characterize yourself when you use (CP) computers: Unimaginative CP2 Unoriginal CP3 Uninventive CSE1 I could complete the job using a Computer software package: If there was no one Self-Efficacy around to tell me what to do as I go (CSE) CSE2 If I had never used a package like it before CSE3 If I had only the software manuals for reference CSE4 If I had seen someone else using it before trying it myself Computer CA1 Computers do not scare me at all Anxiety (CA) CA2 I feel at ease in a computer class CA3 I feel comfortable working with a computer Behavioral BI1 Assuming the course activities would be Intention to available in SL, I predict that I will use SL (BI) use it on a regular basis BI2 I intend to use it.
111) Janssen-Ortho, FCA, supra note 43 at para 25: "The length of time and expense involved in the invention may be indicators of inventive ingenuity, but they are not determinative because an invention may be the result of a lucky hit, or the uninventive application of routine techniques, however time consuming and expensive they may be.
Scrub up nice They might be considered a little uninventive, but who doesn't love to lather up with a nice soap?
It may be a wholesome correction of our pride in the advance of a century to reflect that most of the human race is still in the uninventive period, depending for light on torches and simple saucer lamps .
England had named a solid but uninventive midfield of Jamie Noon and Mike Tindall, designed solely to cope with powerful runners attacking the 10-12 channel.
If Hodgson is replaced at fly-half for the Christchurch Test, England's main decision is whether to start with Noon and Mike Tindall in a solid but uninventive midfield or bring Flood into the side.
Without wanting to make the men at Ingolstadt sound uninventive, you have seen it all before.