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On this subject, the Conservatives have a rather chequered and uninviting history, so it's no secret young people are least likely to vote for them.
But his uninviting garden, with its uneven paving stones and abandoned kids' playset has remained a challenge too far.
Mark thinks nothing of going out of his way for others, but it's his rundown, uninviting garden that's now in need of some TLC.
But often those bulbs emit a harsh, one-directional light that can render uninviting even the warmest of surroundings, and make one long for the appealing illumination of less-than-ecofriendly incandescent bulbs.
At first this may seem uninviting, but as the book progresses it becomes more and more clear why the publishers chose to present the story in this way.
Not due to disillusionment or some misguided Russell Brand-esque defiance - but because of the uninviting registration process across this country.
The menu is simple, we've kept the classics, full English breakfast but we've added sandwiches, Panini's, rolls, toasties and salads."It's taken just over two months to renovate the space and so far we're all very pleased with the outcome."Prior to the refurbishment, this was the old coffee shop and with all due respect, it was very 1970s, very dark, very uninviting and so the transformation is fantastic ...
I personally find PK Park cold and uninviting, and I believe I'm not alone among Eugene baseball fans who feel this way.
''The WTC site does not resemble 'a walled city' at all'' under the plan, state Supreme Court Justice Margaret Chan wrote, though she added that the security checkpoints and vehicle-screening areas were ''somewhat uninviting.''
THE nights are drawing in, the days are getting colder and the garden could be beginning to look bleak, dran and uninviting. But there is plenty to do outside.
Iris Odys is caught between two worlds: the politically oppressive Haiti of her birth and the culturally uninviting America into which she was adopted.