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tv and on Twitter @colinjustin Before | This room was in serious need of TLC - it was dark, tired and an uninviting space to sit in, while now, the chairs and other items may be retro, but the look they create is bang on trend
Iris Odys is caught between two worlds: the politically oppressive Haiti of her birth and the culturally uninviting America into which she was adopted.
Others, propped against the cold, uninviting metal rods, Lounge around and eye the craftsmen supplying tea, Sweet and hot, way down on the ground.
The bleak landscape suggests an uninviting location and the isolation of the lighthouse keeper's family is emphasized by the framing of the illustrations within the page.
Edna Mahan, like most prisons, is an imposing and uninviting structure where the guards are more than a little intimidating.
English Heritage, along with the city's leaders, need to accept that, for the most part, the rebuilt city centre has been a terrible failure, creating an uninviting, soulless place that shuts down after 6pm.
4&5 Get the look Colin and Justin plump for comfort by transforming an uninviting bedroom into a cosy nest,with bursts of colour and stunning,textured fabrics.
He continued: "The condition of the Eastern Promenade has increasingly deteriorated and, viewed from the west, appears derelict and uninviting.
Bright overhead lighting can make a room feel cold and uninviting so if possible, rely on lamps rather than a central overhead light.
MAB has developed a plan which revitalises a hard and uninviting space, Mr Hall said.
With hardly a spare inch of un-inked skin on his entire body, pride of place was given to a two-headed eagle clutching a shield emblazoned across his chest which resembled the kind of signage that might hang outside a really rough, uninviting pub.
It looks drab and uninviting, with windows in need of a good chamois.