Union Shop

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Union Shop

A type of business in which an employer is allowed to hire a nonunion worker, who, however, must subsequently join the union in order to be permitted to continue work.

A union shop is different from a Closed Shop; in the latter situation, the employee must be a union member before being hired.


Labor Law; Labor Union.

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Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage for all occupations across all of the states allowing the union shop is 20.5 percent higher than the overall average for the Right to Work states.
Cindy Roeser of Roeser Construction takes a long-term view of the admittedly higher cost of being a union shop. "We probably make less as a company than a non-union [remodeler]," she says.
A series of meetings among employees and union shop stewards at the Browns Lane factory in Coventry led to strong support for a campaign of opposition to the controversial decision to switch production to Castle Bromwich.
Transport and General Workers Union shop stewards who took part in the new round of talks said it would be consulting with its members at the Midlands-based carmaker on the new offer, writes James O'Brien.
Mr McCartney, a former union shop steward who retains close links with the union movement, said much had been achieved since Labour was returned to power in 1997 including new union recognition rights.
Sally Field won her first Oscar playing the title role in Martin Ritt's 1979 tale about a working-class cotton mill employee who helps start a union shop. She brings a gritty determination to her portrayal of an overworked single mother who takes on her employers in a struggle for better wages and working conditions.
The contractor, which is a union shop, is affiliated with the Christian Labour Association of Canada, a non-confrontational labour movement.
Opponents said requiring all workers to pay dues was fair because federal law requires unions to represent all workers in a union shop, including nonmembers.
Unions try to minimize the number of "free riders" by negotiating a "union shop," where all eligible employees have to join the union--otherwise they have to quit the job or cannot be hired into it.
In return, the politicians acquiesce to union demands for a union shop and the dues checkoff.
In negotiating several past contracts, the local took what would seem to be a more rigid stance, calling for a union shop, which all PASTA members would be required to join.
The Glasco ruling has sent shock waves through the artistic community; people have suggested that important decisions about the arts have been made by naive men who have treated a cultural organization like a union shop, and who have no real understanding of the function of an artistic director.

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