Union Shop

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Union Shop

A type of business in which an employer is allowed to hire a nonunion worker, who, however, must subsequently join the union in order to be permitted to continue work.

A union shop is different from a Closed Shop; in the latter situation, the employee must be a union member before being hired.


Labor Law; Labor Union.

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However, the difference between union shops and union-free plants is $1.14 an hour.
Thus by controlling for age and other characteristics which reflect the costs and benefits of membership to individuals, we can more accurately measure the extent to which right-to-work laws, by removing the constraints on demand for membership imposed by union shops, affect free riding.
Some of Newt Gingrich's "revolutionaries" are also attempting to legalize company unions, abolish overtime pay, outlaw union shops, and repeal laws that guarantee prevailing wages for construction workers on federally funded projects.

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