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Unions will now be able to unionize small parts of a company even though they could not achieve a majority vote in a more broadly defined traditional bargaining unit.
Jim Evans, ministers in the United Church, Canada's largest Protestant denomination, launched the campaign to unionize a year ago, following the release of a study on ministers' working conditions.
There are approximately 74 Sodexo workers at Clark and about 48 of them want to unionize, she said.
JetBlue baggage handlers may be first in company to unionize.
In Salt Lake City, the dancers of Ballet West voted in January to unionize with AGMA, as the company announced cutbacks in work weeks from 38 to 35, a roster reduction to 35 dancers (down from 40), and the cancellation of the fall repertory season.
Louis have filed a grievance with the Vatican, alleging that Archbishop Raymond Burke has violated church law by refusing to allow elementary schoolteachers to unionize.
In March, the school's resident assistants became the first undergraduates to unionize.
The BWU's drive to unionize the commercial banking sector has won recognition at four of the seven banks - the Barbados National Bank, Barclays, CIBC and Caribbean Commercial Bank - and it is poised to secure the largest, the Bank of Nova Scotia.
His basic objective in writing this account of Philadelphia's Metal Manufacturers Association (MMA) is to reveal how metal working firms around the United States defeated repeated efforts to unionize their workers and managed their personnel in the absence of union contracts.
From how to respond to a petition to election campaign strategies to the negotiation phase, physician executives need to be prepared for the very real possibility of physicians at their organizations deciding to unionize.
The physicians had argued that because the HMO essentially directed their daily activities, they should have the same right to unionize enjoyed by employees of hospitals and other health care entities.