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Ervin said Franksvillle's move to unionize does not apply to other Sunbelt locations in Wisconsin, although similar steps could follow.
Target and the union, however, have clashed before over an effort to unionize a Valley Stream store that led to litigation.
The National Labor Relations Board opened the door in 2016 for graduate students -- both teaching and research assistants -- to unionize at private universities.
They said the sector was ready to unionize to negotiate for better terms with private and government hospitals to enforce better healthcare and to acquire sufficient protective gear for health workers tasked with dealing with health problems like the one being caused worldwide by the highly contagious Ebola virus.
It's not uncommon for hospital workers such as nurses or facilities or maintenance staff to unionize. But it's rare for physicians, the health care system's elite employees, to do so.
The right to unionize to employees of all cadres and categories is now formally and legally sanctioned in almost all countries of the world.
Recently, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) made a decision allowing unions to establish separate unions in particular departments or on particular floors of the employer, This will, in effect, allow unions to pick small subsets of employees to unionize in cases where they don't believe they would be successful in unionizing the large unit of employees.
Why do charter schools unionize? What is in these charter school contracts?
RINGGOLD, VA - Workers at Swedwood Danville, the Ringgold, VA furnishings factory operated by IKEA, have voted overwhelmingly to unionize.
Curtis stressed that the staff's decision to unionize "will not alter the significant relationship that we have with partner churches or organizations around the world and it will not impact the work that we do with those partners."
FLORIDA Teachers of the Pembroke Pines Charter School System recently voted to join the Broward Teachers Union (BTU), becoming the state's first charter system to unionize.