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Best business biog with I million unique monthly visitors or more GlobeAndMail.
Already Lowest Unique Bid Response: You will get this response if the bid you have sent earlier is already Lowest Unique.
Nexsan solves this problem with a unique approach to replication.
Presumably, the Fourth Circuit's logic is that individuals do not file the same income tax forms as trusts; thus, preparation expenses for trust forms are unique expenses that meet Sec.
There are multiple unique technologies required for different categories of weapon systems.
Those that do have such resources gain a significant advantage in crafting a unique offering that will attract customers.
To reach these goals Syngenta needed to establish a unique brand image.
This gives Unique a base of operations in New York with a group of small hotels that is protected from competition, because another large convention hotel is not going to affect them," said Adler.
One provision of this rule is for contracts to include a requirement for commonly accepted commercial marks if it is determined that unique item identification or a DoD-recognized unique identification equivalent is not required, and unique item identification is not already marked.
PowerPC IAP is made possible through IBM's unique combination of design and manufacturing technologies.
460-2 contains three safe harbors concerning contracts to manufacture unique items.