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"Unique.Fashion and OPM are working with others to soon provide brands, designers and design students with the necessary, affordable tools to get closer to the consumer.
I want to concentrate on the versatility of one charge of Unique that has so many applications--5 grains.
Svein Gunderson, engineering manager, commented, 'This is an exciting time for Oceanvision as we become part of the globally respected Unique Group.
Sometimes our desire for unique experiences is selfish.
Unique System, along with The Geodesy and Hydrographic Survey Section of Dubai Municipality, established a permanent tidal station at Al Mamzr.
"However, because the distribution of unique coupon codes is time consuming and difficult to manage, most marketers avoid it altogether despite the value the data can provide for program optimization and the opportunity to drive online redemption rates.
Unique Control LKB delivers greater process efficiency by taking valve operation to the next level.
Dubai-based Unique Systems is part of the Unique Maritime Group company, one of the world's leading integrated turnkey subsea and offshore solution providers.
Mirza said that the UAE version of Unique Auction will slightly be different from the main .com site; while the latter had only one winner for an item, he claimed that the UAE site will make sure that 'everybody is a winner'.
Since January, an ACORD working group has been investigating the issue and discovered that in most cases codes aren't unique and standards can be implemented to improve data communication.
Both Dr Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi distributed the first ten 'Aadhaar' cards of Unique Identification Authority of India to ten residents of the tribal village.