unique feature

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It had this unique feature, that both sides lay open to punitive attack.
There are really some very unique features about this case, Watson," said he.
A red cross located in a particular area was the unique feature A; a red cross located in a different area was B.
The internet banking facility has a unique feature which enables the customer to open fixed deposits, recurring deposits, tax savings products through online.
evleaks said LG is going to come out with LG G Flex 2 early next year with a unique feature.
The app's unique feature includes the 'tune this station' option that allows users to more tightly control the songs that stream in by setting it to 'hits, variety or discovery', based on user's choice of genre.
With this unique feature, travelers can actually get an idea of the cities that they might want to include in their itinerary when planning a trip to a certain country or even continent as these recommendations also come with data and figures that the Just Orbit team has collated after extensive research.
The second unique feature of this General Assembly is that it is the first such meeting to be held since the April 2012 Sixth Summit of the Americas.

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