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Consequently, they perceive the artwork more on the basis of the pleasure of the art experience than on the uniqueness perception, which translates into a diminished or even reversed effect.
Motivated by the above works, we investigate the uniqueness of solutions for differential system (1) by using a system of inequalities and the linear operator theory.
"As one of the growing products Our products offer sophistication, style and uniqueness - and we hope the cafe will bring a relaxing space for customers
Swami and colleagues (Swami, Pietschnig et al., 2012) reported that, in a central European sample, individuals with tattoos scored higher, compared to those without, on need for uniqueness, extraversion, and experience seeking (subscale of sensation seeking).
In general, the reconstructed signal uniqueness is guaranteed if the restricted isometry property is used and checked with appropriate isometry constants [5].
To the Editor: The article titled "Every Snowflake Is Not Unique" in the January 2015 issue tries to address the question of uniqueness of snowflakes.
Participants were trained for Samsung's flag ship product line and its uniqueness. The products in cluded Smart TV as TV that understand your gesture and voice along with its DVD's, which is the most high tech entertainment.
I wanted a restaurant in agreement with myself and the uniqueness of my work, a uniqueness I look forward to sharing with the rest of the world."
He mentioned that by doing so, the department abides by rules of quality and uniqueness exemplifying its usual performance.
Civilisation and authenticity; the search for cultural uniqueness in the narrative fiction of Alejo Carpentier and Julio Cortazar.
And at least seven major books in the last five years, which range from surveying new fossils, vestigial traits and genomes, to profiling the uniqueness of our brains, bones, genome, and behavior (Walter, 2006; Zimmer, 2007; DeSalle & Tattersall, 2008; Gazzaniga, 2008; Roska-Hardy & Neumann-Held, 2008; Shubin, 2008; Taylor, 2009; Potts & Sloan, 2010a).
Summary: New Delhi - Indian Foreign Minister Samanahalli Mallaiah Krishna commended the major constitutinal reforms announced by HM the King in a speech on March 9, highlighting the uniqueness of Morocco's economic and political experience.