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Prior research on uniqueness dealt with the basic cultural values regarding uniqueness and conformity and indicated that those from individualist cultural contexts prefer uniqueness or standing out, but those from collectivist cultural contexts prefer conformity or blending in (Kim & Markus, 1999).
Step one toward dialogue between theology and science on the question of human uniqueness is to identify the contours of the problem within each disciplinary context.
The collection truly finds an original voice when it turns to discuss the uniqueness of Christ in relation to different religious traditions.
Chapter three, "Human Uniqueness and the Image of God," was of most interest to me, as he revisited the history and origins of the doctrine of imago Dei.
We will practice ways of being attentive to the presence of God in the world, alive to the absolute uniqueness of our own gifts, and careful to make moral judgments through an informed conscience.
This is a memoir of a life spent with six dogs, spanning from childhood through middle age, but it is also an extended essay on the uniqueness of each animal.
The business rules that defined the uniqueness standard include the following:
Consumers want more uniqueness in their vehicles, and many want the ability to customize their vehicle to their specific desires.
That example is also very useful to discuss the existence and uniqueness of the solution as well as local and global stability.
Success of the program is not only attributed to its uniqueness, but to feedback from grandparents about past GU events and the involvement of faculty.
Harold Banks of Prudential Financial said, "We select students that have shown a uniqueness in their efforts of involvement.
The only explanation I have for the uniqueness of Dan is that he is a gay soul trapped in a hetero body.