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A Northumbria Police spokesperson said: "Northumbria Police are aware of a petition started by UNISON currently circulating around the changes to our front desks.
Unison brings strengths in the areas of exchange programs, upgrades and repairs with the goal of providing Qatar Airways with the highest quality support, and operational effectiveness.
We can only thank Unison members for their hard work and patience.
Unison said it had raised concerns around rotas, career progression, annual leave, and overtime levels and YAS management had also agreed the use of private St John's Ambulances would cease.
Grunza added, "Engines already in service are also excellent candidates for Unison's surface cooler technology, and retrofitting to the Unison heat exchanger is a great opportunity to reduce weight and drag, reducing operating costs.
UNISON Anglesey Branch showing support for the Ynys Mon residential care homes currently under threat of closure Pic: ROBERT PARRY JONES
Amazingly no-one from Unison in Wales took part in the appointments process.
Mr Subramanian added: "I want to make it clear he was speaking in a personal capacity and Unison wishes to disassociate itself from his comments.
Thus, the shareholders in Unison Forsikring who have pre-accepted Protector's offer, are free to accept the offer from SpareBank 1 Skadeforsikring instead, Protector Forsikring said.
uk or write to us at Local Government, UNISON, Freepost WC5652, London, WC1H 9BR.
in unison 1 : in exact agreement <They are in unison as to what to do next.
Azzurri Communications, a business voice and data company, announced on Thursday (24 May) a contract with UK trade union, UNISON.