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Emerson's Smart Wireless installation on the refinery's calciner unit monitors bearing and calciner coke temperatures to help prevent fan and conveyor failure.
The Custodian Unit monitors newly-loaded records to identify those bearing the same DNA profile but different names.
The ante-natal assessment unit monitors women (on referral from a medical professional or midwife with common complications associated with pregnancy including pre-eclampsia and ruptured membranes.
The unit monitors and displays the values for viscosity and shear rate, in addition to monitoring the melt temperatures and pressures.
critical care unit monitors, ventilator machines) can pose ergonomic hazards for nurses; and
The unit monitors door contacts, motion sensors, and access control devices such as card reader systems or keypads to determine and annunciate the status of a controlled door or gate.
According to DENSO, the hybrid control computer, which was jointly developed with Toyota Motor Corporation, integrates hybrid system control, engine control and battery control into one unit, while the new battery-monitoring unit monitors the main battery's condition, including voltage, current and temperature.
The unit monitors and records the second-by-second internal reaction and external block temperatures, which are very useful for subsequent analysis and evaluation activities.
Developed and manufactured by the Derbyshire based company to significantly improve operating efficiencies, the compact unit monitors and rejects plastics and glass containers with visual abnormalities undetectable to the naked eye.