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The unit monitors pressure every seven seconds and transmits data about every five minutes.
The large, bright, dual, backlit display unit monitors min.
Each unit monitors eight separate temperature sensors, either RTD or thermocouple, and with up to 16 848T units on just one FOUNDATION fieldbus wiring loop segment, a single cable back to the control room can be used to collect data on 128 sensors.
the unit monitors more than 60 parameters, scanning at up to 100,000 samples/sec, and includes SPC calculations.
The subject of this tender is the supply of equipment and medical equipment, and Anesthesia device monitoring unit monitors vital signs and anesthetic gases 2 pieces and Anesthesia device with extremely low doses of anesthetics, compatible with the MR environment 3 T, incl.
The large, bright, dual, backlit display unit monitors minimum, maximum, and average values and includes front panel keypad programming.
org - The National Hi-Tech Crime Unit monitors computer crime in the UK.
Unit monitors the flow of water-based liquids, syrups, lubricants, coolants, highly viscous or adhesive materials, as well as air and gas streams.
A central control unit monitors and regulates all of the trucks' performance parameters.