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Police said on reaching the room, the man opened the freezer and walked away with a unit of blood on his bike.
For every unit of blood provided without charge, relatives must provide two to the center just like Sultan.
3 If a unit of blood was found to have a lead concentration of 35[micro]g/dl, what would be the estimated lead concentration of packed cells prepared from the same unit of blood?
EACH unit of blood donated can help save the lives of up to three people, because it is processed and separated into three component parts - red cells, plasma and platelets.
The hospital contacted the nation's Magen David Adom blood bank, which assisted in tracing back the number of the unit of blood given to the woman.
That way, any unit of blood cells could be transfused into any patient, removing the need to match blood types.
Once, a unit of blood had been left out too long and had to be discarded.
Each unit of blood can save up to three lives as each unit is divided into red blood cells, plasma and platelets and can be transfused in these forms to three different patients.
EVEN as the Capital tackles its worst dengue outbreak in six years, relatives of dengue patients have been forced to scout for ' blood touts' loitering around government hospitals due to the short supply of blood and platelets, with these touts charging ` 4,000 per unit of blood, an India Today TV investigation has revealed.
Just one unit of blood can help save the lives of three people and more than 8,000 units of blood are needed every day in this country.
"Each unit of blood weighs 450 grams and has a freezer shelf life of around 42 days," said Ms Darwish.