unite efforts

See: agree, concur
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After swearing-in, the president urged the governor to unite efforts with sheikhs, dignitaries and sons of the province to improve the performance level and provide public services to citizens.
Ambassador Mirdad added that we are keen to unite efforts to ensure the solution of the Syrian crisis and the support of the brotherly Syrian people to determine their fate.
Download Hezbollah felicitates Amy on success of military operation in Arsal: to unite efforts, fill all gaps
It is important to unite efforts to defeat our common enemy, which is terrorism.
His press statement quoted him as saying: "We have to unite efforts and harness all the possibilities for re-displaced families from Qarma to their homes in the first of next July.
We should unite efforts to promote Ukraines interests globally.
The Bahrain-based ARC-WH has hosted Iraqi archaeologists on several occasions to unite efforts at heritage preservation.
Russia calls on all countries to unite efforts in the fight against terrorism," she announced.
For his part, President of the General Assembly Mogens Lykketoft urged the international community to unite efforts in combating terrorism and extremism, calling for intensifying international efforts to end the suffering of the Syrians and addressing the root causes of the refugee crisis.
The Jordanian parliament re-asserted Jordan's unwavering and decisive anti-terrorism stance, calling on the international community to unite efforts to fight terrorism and root it out.
The delegation offered condolences to His Majesty over the death of pilot Muath Kasasbeh, stressing the necessity to unite efforts in confronting terrorism and the Daesh terrorist group.
It is necessary to unite efforts of different governmental and social agencies to ensure protection from this type of violence, according to the Minister.

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