unite efforts

See: agree, concur
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The t participants who gathered in the courtyard of the Provincial Council yard emphasized the need that Arabs and Muslim in all of the world should work to unite efforts and attitudes to liberate al-Qods from the Israeli occupation and keep its sanctity./End
Al-Sanhuri hoped that the coming period will witness enhancement of the Sudanese economy and realization of prosperity and progress, calling on all the people to cooperate and unite efforts for increasing the production.
Uzbekistan President Shavkat Mirziyoyev called on to unite efforts to combat the consequences of the Aral catastrophe at the SCO Summit in Bishkek today.
In the future, we want to unite efforts and continue our cooperation in order to make the future of the world prosperous, "the telegram reads.
Media Office of the Presidency of the Republic said "During the meeting, they stressed the necessity of cooperation and coordination and the adoption of serious dialogue among all parties to unite efforts to address the current crises and avoid the threat language so that the peoples of the region can enjoy stability, security and economic prosperity.
Speaking at a popular rally, Hammami called on all the forces to unite efforts to bring the government down.
He added that "the summit will unite efforts and ideas to reinforce people's wellbeing."
Summary: The annual World Government Summit kicks off today to redefine the future of governments and unite efforts to solve universal …
They stressed the importance to maintain the internal unity and unite efforts to confront the coalition aggression and thwart its plans targeting Yemen.
Dr Sheikh Khalid stressed on the need to unite efforts to raise awareness about cancer in general in Qatar, as well as to educate the community about different types of cancer.
"We, at Qatar Cancer Society, stress the need to unite efforts to raise awareness about cancer in general in Qatar as well as to educate the community towards different types of cancer.
The prime minister's decision is part of the government's commitment to develop a comprehensive human rights system in Jordan, unite efforts on coordination mechanism, and attach this issue the importance it deserves.

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