united action

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In dim ways this need for united action was impressed upon us.
Capital is a collective product, and only by the united action of many members, nay, in the last resort, only by the united action of all members of society, can it be set in motion.
United action, of the leading civilised countries at least, is one of the first conditions for the emancipation of the proletariat.
Yet is not the power which injustice exercises of such a nature that wherever she takes up her abode, whether in a city, in an army, in a family, or in any other body, that body is, to begin with, rendered incapable of united action by reason of sedition and distraction; and does it not become its own enemy and at variance with all that opposes it, and with the just?
Brian Clark, 69, who took both Ameobis under his wing at Walker Central Football Club in Newcastle's East End is toasting Sammy as the 23rd starlet recommended by him to get a taste of first team United action.
The $2-million project will benefit 750 displaced families and is being undertaken by the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) in partnership with France-Philippines United Action (FPUA), Habitat for Humanity, the municipality of Daanbantayan and the provincial government.
His last United action had been to get sent off at Liverpool and pick a dressing-room fight with manager Alan Shearer.
Members of parliament in Australia and the Philippines are expected to follow suit, raising hope for international community's united action against Japan's past atrocity.
In a joint statement on counterterrorism to be issued after the June 26-27 meeting, the world's rich nations will agree on the necessity of united action by international society to cut off the flow of funds to terrorist organizations, the sources said.
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There's been talk of sanctions, of an arms embargo, of the need for united action, of sending the special envoy back -- but so far talk is all it's been.
This event confirmed our belief that the united action of ordinary citizens can indeed move the world.

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