united front

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In this sense, Derek Boothman's volume promises to ignite once again the debate in relation to Gramsci's relationship with the Comintern, and indeed, the complexities of the Comintern's contradictory attempts to both retain United Front tactics and pursue the Bolshevization of its member parties.
Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande will present a united front towards Greece at talks on Thursday.
There is overlap between the Resistance Front slate and the United Front of Principleists slate.
The latter was identified as Poulani Gangmei from Tamenglong district, and is a cadre of Zeliangrong United Front.
Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Gaza, Palestine, the dear nation of Egypt and the vigilant and courageous people of South Asia and other Islamic states are standing together in a single and united front," he noted.
UNITED FRONT Executive Director of Npower, centre front, with Sunderland and Newcastle supporters at their Rainton Bridge office
But Vira said the United Front leadership is in no position to stop Red Shirt activists from going to the Supreme Court on Friday.
Eugene and Springfield are among the local governments that request federal funds, but they do it as part of a broader group, United Front, that includes Lane County, Cottage Grove, Coburg, the Springfield School District, Lane Transit District and Willamalane Park and Recreation District, said Brenda Wilson, intergovernmental relations manager for Eugene.
TV CHEF Gordon Ramsay and his wife put on a united front yesterday after claims he had an affair.
But just 48 hours later it was all sweetness and light as the three put on an united front for the cameras.
NFU Cymru milk board chairman Mansel Raymond said a united front among EU milk producers was important as Europe's dairy regime comes under review.
Thanks to the united front of Inara George and Greg Kurstin, summer daze is here again.

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