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As evidence that Teresa was firmly in the unitive stage as a preparation for her call to found the Missionaries of Charity, Kolodiejchuk further cites the visions and "near ecstasy" she experienced at the time of the founding.
The Unitive stage in ego development can be conceptualized as a threshold stage.
The highest of these levels--the Unitive Essence--transcends all things, and the lowest is the (bottom part) of the natural order.
9) Dionysius, then, strongly anticipates Whitehead's contention that God's massive presence throughout each minuscule segment of time enables each and every creature to empathically identify with or resonate to God's own unitive feelings, thereby maintaining the aesthetic order of the universe, guaranteeing that total chaos is intrinsically impossible.
In order to establish the unitive model of risk acceptance criteria in detail, we should design a database, which is used for storing some risk events investigation and record data, and do some research work based on the existing risk acceptance criteria (Beacher GB et al; 1987) all over the world (See Figure 2).
Unitive opened a new Die Level Processing (DLP) facility in the United States representing the industry's most advanced turnkey chip scale packaging capability.
And that One who is only and passionately about relationship cuts through our human grief to again reveal the unitive mystery: I am with you.
According to the Church, human sexual intercourse has both a unitive and procreative dimension.
Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard states that one of the most critical factors for humanity's long-term survival is the "evolution of consciousness from a self-centered, separated [consciousness] to a whole-centered, unitive stage of consciousness.
Cardinal Hume said: "We have tried to separate the unitive and the procreative, to disconnect sex from child-bearing, and now even child-bearing from sex - the result has been a disaster.
We have tried to separate the unitive and procreative, to disconnect sex from childbearing, and now even childbearing from sex.