universal cure

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That is the way with you political writers, Ladislaw--crying up a measure as if it were a universal cure, and crying up men who are a part of the very disease that wants curing.
Every day, we strive for longer and healthier lives for all patients with thalassemia until a universal cure is found.
Provoked by the referendum on Catalan independence, professor Biljana Vankovska comments in Nova Makedonija that we are all witnesses of another paradox, now within the EU, where the right of small nation to self-determination is the apple of discord, but it is also proof that the EU membership is not the universal cure for all problems, not even for old separatist tendencies.
It seems ironic that in 2017, one of the world's most promising technologies, although far from being a universal cure for the ills of so many industries, is serving a purpose that Panacea would have undoubtedly been proud of.
8DA Jim Grainger, Clydebank IT IS highly irresponsible to repeat claims that the latest cancer research - a so-called breakthrough - could lead to a universal cure within just two years.
Multinational cooperation is not a panacea, a universal cure for everything, it's just a small part of the solution," Vargha insisted.
Melbourne, January 17 ( ANI ): A potentially deadly and virulent bug that attacks the gut may soon be treated with the most stomach-churning of remedies as researchers have found that transplanting human faeces into people with the superbug Clostridium difficile provides an almost universal cure for the condition - far outperforming traditional antibiotic treatment.
But while the highly risky technique used on the man known as the "Berlin Patient" would not work for most of the 33 million people with HIV worldwide, scientists say the research shows important progress toward a universal cure.
Her doctors say she is the first adult cured of sickle cell disease, yet doctors, scientists and parents of children with this very serious blood disorder are still searching for a universal cure.
Iodine, he says, was the universal cure in the mill emergency kit.
The founder of Hamas, the Palestinian resistance group, is quoted as saying that Western (democratic) tradition and logic cannot be applied as a universal cure all.
There is no universal cure, and different people respond differently to therapy.

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