universal remedy

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The first pretended to judge of the influence of the stars on human affairs, and to foretell events by their positions and aspects; the second aimed to transmute the baser metals into gold, and to find a universal remedy for diseases; while the third dealt with the discovery of secret or future events by preternatural means.
In this way, inter-religious hatred can be put to end.Another universal remedy is the constructive role of well-known World Organization, especially UNO.
"Since there are a multitude of reasons why a 15 or 16 year old might try tobacco, there is no universal remedy, but making sure the adults who sell it are being responsible is an important step," said Jesiel.
In 1883 William gave a testimonial for a newspaper advertising campaign for a universal remedy called 'Eclectica' with his address now 52 Conway Street, Everton.
Summary: In ancient Greece, the goddess Panacea represented universal remedy and health.
Since time immemorial the universal remedy for all ills medical or man made was 'a nice cup of tea, love!' From the Blitz to the present day a cup of china's finest eased all worries and problems, and calmed the shattered nerves of those in despair or shock.
(8) Priesnitz's abdominal pack was a universal remedy, appropriate for immediate treatment of acute or chronic conditions.
We curse the machine, kick it, and possibly turn it off and on again, the universal remedy.
Sargent Ferris Defends Himself Knowing the time was short, that chance would pass forever like the bison from the plains, and sympathizing with the desperate mass of women stung by neurasthenic pains and female ailments, in 1903 I marketed the sages' magic stone, the only universal remedy that ever was, or ever will be, known-- old aqua vitae, labeled Vital Life-- and fortified it with the pleasant taste of cherry cordial.
Scarlatina, Typhoid, Cholera &c., makes specific gargle for Sore Throat, Quinsy, Catarrh, Spongy Gums, Foul Breath, cures offensive Ear Discharges, Leucorrhea, destroys Seat Worms, stops hair from falling, cures Baldness, and is the most universal remedy in the world.''
Her issue was resolved." Of course, these aren't a universal remedy, but it got me thinking: Could these steps, developed for conservation practices, be applied to interpretive planning?

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