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One of the most important issues in the NPT review process is to look into ways and means of bringing about universality and bring about the Israeli compliance with NPT," he added.
Universality in policy and social provision are shaped and constrained by a complex and interacting set of processes.
This article will assert that regional human rights systems should not be seen as dangers for the universality of human rights but, on the contrary, as contributors to the implementation of global human rights in various cultural environments.
Since Khade, Sejwal, D'Souza and Sangvekar had achieved the OST, they couldn't be given a universality place.
This universality is now in jeopardy, and it is necessary to reaffirm this universality in the face of attacks coming in particular from cultural and religious relativism.
Random matrix theory; invariant ensembles and universality.
ANKARA, Apr 14, 2009 (TUR) -- The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) will hold a workshop on Universality of the Chemical Weapons Convention in Istanbul on April 16 and 17.
And his key most legacy was to reject the idol worshipping of people at the time and establish the oneness of God and the universality of God.
As a church we have always lived in the dichotomy of the universality of the call toward and the narrowness of our discipleship in Christ.
Israel And The Nations: A Mission Theology Of The Old Testament by James Chukwuma Okoye (Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Catholic Theological Union) is a scholarly work that scrutinizes the Old Testament of the Holy Bible and debates the themes of mission and the universality of salvation.
Thomsen leans toward an inclusivist stance toward the religions as he stresses the universality of the cross.