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It troubles me that Habermas takes over uncritically the concept of the universality of the urban that he gets from Heidegger.
In this view, the Declaration carries no meaning beyond the particular historical interests of the representatives of the United States of America assembled in General Congress in the year 1776; its claim to universality "is no more than a particular that has become dominant" (Laclau 87).
A program of this sort would doubtless cost more, but its universality would ease some of the tensions between at-home parents and those in the conventional labor market.
Seeking to reaffirm the church's unity, universality, and hierarchical authority against the radically historicizing consequences of the Second Vatican Council, the Vatican has undertaken a "restoration.
The conflicting claims of universality and particularity were to be reconciled twice oven The universal "Man" was to be reborn as "Citizen" of a particular nation-state that was to guarantee his individual rights.
In developing the rules and specifications, the council adhered to two main principles: the preeminence of the national payments systems and universality.
As metaphors can be grouped systematically according to specific experiences or epistemes, the totalizing trope of "life's journey" interests Hutchinson in that its universality paradoxically allows for difference.
Specific puzzles include the nature of the low energy excitations (LEEs) that are responsible for their low temperature thermal and mechanical behavior and the origin of the remarkable universality of their low temperature mechanical dissipation.
Philip Ella Juico yesterday announced that Torres has been officially accepted as an Olympic entry by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games through the principle of universality.
The purpose of this article is to isolate the extent to which universality was a contested policy feature of Canadian-style Medicare.
There are 14 chapters divided into eight parts: introduction; setting the stage; international framework for psychology education and training: a European perspective; implications of emerging areas for psychology education and training; bridging scientific universality and cultural specificity in PET; balancing basic and applied research with national needs in PET; quality control and PET; roles and responsibilities of international psychology organizations for PET.
introduces the idea and history behind "antiphilosophy," which is a tendency in Western philosophy to shift interest away from the abstract universality of thought to the concrete universality of life, material forces, practices, and experience.