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Coverage includes developments in nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation; biological and chemical weapons, and efforts by the international community to strengthen and universalize the two instruments; conventional arms issues at the global level, including small arms and light weapons, prohibition or restriction of the use of certain weapons, anti-personnel mines, transparency measures, and export controls; developments in specific regions regarding nuclear-weapon-free-zones, confidence building, and conventional disarmament; the response of the international community to other related issues; and studies, education, and information resources.
Deftly and arrestingly the author universalizes from every particularity of his experience, summing things up: "Every love story is also the history of an illness.
The last stanza, switching to the first-person plural voice, universalizes this dilemma of doubt and hope.
Schools become the sites of displays of style, and what is consumed as "stylish" or "cool" universalizes African-American culture.
Yet the author herself occasionally universalizes, especially when she notes that "commonalities do exist" in the texts examined, a generalization that contradicts her own doctrine.
Cowan's movie is an object lesson in how a feature--length documentary can deepen understanding of an event, recounting it with an artistry that dignifies and universalizes the people involved.
However, a few use less common points of view: two eerie tales -- one featuring paranoia over intruders and another where a ghost is observing a family gathering -- are in the second person, while the opening story, "Witching Hour," universalizes insomnia and worry through first-person plural.
In order to avoid creating a hegemonic discourse that falsely universalizes women's oppression, Fulkerson proposes a feminist "theology of affinity" rather than one based on a shared identity, because the former does not appropriate other women's experiences that could lead to domination of the Other.
Since such a claim universalizes the particular Christian belief about Jesus into an ontological reality, all efforts to be open to the other become impossible because there is always in such a christology a universalizing, supersessionist claim -- what Rosemary Ruether meant when she said that antisemitism is the left hand of christology.
The method of psychoanalysis, in this argument, is guilty of denial - it universalizes a selfhood that must be properly considered as a historical category.