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In doing so, Kgositsile's poetry presents an alternative to circumscribed rights discourses that are imposed within exclusionary racial, national, and cultural 'particulars' by hegemonic institutions such as the nation-state, even as they claim to be universalizing.
However, they are not bailing out because of the explosion of new identities, but because of the failure to incorporate these particularities in a universalizing context of interaction--and this is a failure of our governing forces and elites.
In a fit of egalitarian zeal, the LAUSD wanted to make its schools equally bad for everyone by universalizing the year-round calendar.
The story "Returning to Haifa" figures largely in this universalizing trend.
In other words, Carter is not wrong to imagine an antagonism between universalizing religions and the liberal state; he just errs in assigning it purely to liberalism's totalitarian "moral arrogance.
This is both the glory of speech (it enables us to communicate) and the downfall of speech, if and when we forget this universalizing requirement and ignore its effects.
National manhood's power rests in its abstracting and universalizing potential: whiteness and maleness, for reasons that Nelson and many others have investigated, become the unmarked and representative identity categories that stand in for the whole and, in this instance, the nation.
But perhaps even more important, for the company that can achieve the feat, great opportunity exists for simplifying and universalizing storage management.
To face the challenge of globalization, theological education will have to engage with the interaction of at least four analytically distinct dimensions: (a) the universalizing forces and elements of cultural interpenetration, (b) the universalizing forces and elements of socio-structural interdependence, (c) the particularity of each culture as it interacts with universalizing cultural forces, and (d) the particularity of each socio-structural context as it interacts with the universalizing forces of interdependence.
However, universalizing alone does not ensure moral goodness, since an agent could will that everyone alike be treated badly, for example, disdainfully (p.
The presence of the CARICOM member states in the Organization has resulted in universalizing the membership of the Organization in an effective outreach of hemispheric political solidarity.
Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is the flagship programme for universalizing elementary education.