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The quality testing is of such a high standard that last year Universally Speaking was awarded the TIGA Games Industry Award as the 'Best QA Service Provider' and receiving this award was a contributing factor to Microsoft's approval of the company as an authorised tester for their XBox games.
Moscow underscores that breaking the current deadlock in the Palestinian-Israeli peace process is possible only through negotiation on the universally accepted international law basis.
John Paul is universally credited with helping bring down communism in his native Poland.
Clash of the Titans has been universally panned, with some saying Worthington's Avatar bubble has been well and truly burst.
John Burns, CIC North-East chairman, said: "The Universally Challenge theme, complete with Jeremy Paxman lookalike, will add some real fun to the occasion and we are looking forward to seeing many faces from the industry.
The papacy and the Roman curia set this reversal in motion with a hastily imposed new canon law and the pope's decision to name bishops universally, each committing himself to total acceptance of the orthodoxy and orthopraxy that Rome would dictate.
Tulips: Species And Hybrids For The Gardener as an expert analysis and informative study of the many beautiful types and spectrum of this universally popular flower.
But, as reported in the Echo on Thursday, health chiefs say they cannot pay for Mr Cook to be treated with the drug because it is not yet universally available on the NHS.
This simply outstanding and enthusiastically recommended edition of The Adventures Of Pinocchio does full and complete justice to the wonder and storytelling skills that originally made the life and travails of a wooden puppet brought to life so universally beloved.
universally rejecting), or that they accepted homosexual persons and homosexual behavior (e.
In my work on universally designed homes, I'd say 80% of my buyers are able-bodied adults who are not at all frail.
Resetting to 0 is a universally safe setting, Then use the ULLS Update Admin Number Data option to adjust the current usage.