universally recognized

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In fact, there was a story current among us (I have no idea, and never had, on what authority, but I have believed it for so many years that I feel quite certain it is true), that on a frosty day, one winter-time, he actually did bestow his gaiters on a beggar-woman, who occasioned some scandal in the neighbourhood by exhibiting a fine infant from door to door, wrapped in those garments, which were universally recognized, being as well known in the vicinity as the Cathedral.
In a write-up, he said during the 22 years since the return of Hong Kong, the practice of 'one country, two systems' has achieved universally recognized success, and the people there were having good economic life.
But it should exercise self-restraint and refrain from using force in accordance with universally recognized declarations and international laws, instead of being stubborn in laying claim to the islands that are not even within its territorial boundaries.
Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, Chairman of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global (TAG-Global), was honored with the prestigious President's Award in the sold out Inaugural Awards Gala for the Consortium for Sustainable Urbanization (CSU), for his creativity and innovations in the information, communication technology, and his universally recognized initiative in the protection of Intellectual Property Rights and for his influence on how we plan, design and manage our cities.
The extensive selection of region-specific music further brings customers' projects to life, giving the project a local feel or by providing universally recognized sounds.
The head of state noted that Turkmenistan, currently chairing the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea (IFAS), supports the solution of all relevant issues on the basis of universally recognized norms of international law, in cooperation with the UN and other authoritative structures.
This rating is included in the system of universally recognized global university ratings and is based on the same statistics as the Shanghai and Taiwanese ratings, on the Web of Science statistics.
The bill recognizes that it is an inalienable birth right of an individual and is universally recognized in a democratic dispensation.
10, the State Department stated that "such laws conflict with and undermine universally recognized human rights."
Restek is now using universally recognized GHS labeling for its reference standards.
BRUSSELS, Jan 25 (KUNA) -- The EU Sunday condemned beheading of Haruna Yukawa, a Japanese hostage, by ISIL terrorist group, as yet another demonstration that this organisation's ideology and actions are in breach of all universally recognized values and rights.
It is necessary to strictly adhere to the universally recognized norms of international law, the principles of mutual respect and interests of partners, according to the Turkmen President.