universally recognized

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In fact, there was a story current among us (I have no idea, and never had, on what authority, but I have believed it for so many years that I feel quite certain it is true), that on a frosty day, one winter-time, he actually did bestow his gaiters on a beggar-woman, who occasioned some scandal in the neighbourhood by exhibiting a fine infant from door to door, wrapped in those garments, which were universally recognized, being as well known in the vicinity as the Cathedral.
Restek is now using universally recognized GHS labeling for its reference standards.
The course is designed to develop the capacity of participants and enable them to professionally prepare various reports in accordance with sound scientific methodology, which is universally recognized.
MOSCOW, Aug 24 (KUNA) -- Moscow reiterated Friday support for Mahmoud Abbas as a universally recognized Palestinian leader.
Maki are universally recognized as two of the most brilliant architects in the world.
Potential value, if it is clearly reasoned and intelligently planned, is universally recognized as real value; strategy, creativity and ambition are universally recognized as indicators of potential.
in favour of greatly restricting abortion; and candidate C, a candidate who is completely against abortion but who is universally recognized as being unelectable.
Whereas the Armed Forces of the United States are universally recognized as an instrument of peace and reassurance rather than of destruction and provocation;
Indeed, the reported genesis of the shape that is universally recognized is a statement to Ferdinand Porsche by Adolf Hitler in May, 1934: "It should look like a beetle.
David Cronenberg, universally recognized as Canada's greatest auteur, comes in for particularly harsh criticism.
Wade decision, abortion was not only illegal but was almost universally recognized as a grave sin.