unjust burden

See: imposition
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Currently, our rape law puts unjust burden on rape victims and is a far cry from doing justice to those aggrieved," Hontiveros said in her sponsorship speech.
80 a KWh on the pretext that the country has to build energy reserves in the summer months of 2015 and 2016, the Foundation for Economic Freedom (FEF) said this decision was "illogical, arbitrary and represents an unjust burden on Filipino electricity consumers.
It is an unjust burden imposed upon by the Aquino government to further squeeze out our workers dry to fill the pockets of big capitalists and corrupt bureaucrats," KMU said.
Why should it be that women carry an unjust burden of the financial measures which have effectively been necessary because of the mistakes made in British banks' maledominated boardrooms?
All road users are very heavily taxed, and tolls are an added unjust burden that particularly hits drivers on low incomes.
While recent reports have suggested milder restrictions on gay seminarians, the slanderous equation of homosexuality with sexual abuse remains a painful and unjust burden for many in the church.
Ella manages to persuade the others that "the idea of past errors taking control of the present" is an unjust burden on another human being and "so thirty women walk slowly, slowly toward 124.
ALPA claims that the carrier is forcing its pilots to bear an unacceptable and unjust burden that will permanently harm pilots' retirement income, and has therefore asked the court to deny the carrier's request.
When local government units fail to update their SMVs, they result to limited revenues to the government and cause unjust burden to taxpayers.
It is an unjust burden imposed by the Aquino administration that will further squeeze our pockets dry to fill the pockets of big capitalists and corrupt bureaucrats," said KMU secretary general Roger Soluta.