unjust decision

See: inequity
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Addressing the participants, speakers termed hike in the POL prices an unjust decision.
The Palestinian Ministry called upon the Guatemalan people and their various representatives "to continue exerting pressure to push their government to back down from this unjust decision, which threatens the friendly relations between the Guatemalan and Palestinian people.
The unjust decision to decrease aid to UNRWA will cost us [Palestinians] a cultural, scientific and social regression.
I go back to the Hearts game when we got that unjust decision against us when the ball was over the line.
The SPLM/SPLA (IO) condemns this cruel and unjust decision, which is another one of the continuous ploys by the regime to derail the peace process," Mabior said.
According to a colleague of Apsaliyeva Janara Jumakeyeva, the Karakol town court made an unjust decision in the case a year after the murder.
In an interview with al-Mayadeen TV on Sunday, Hassoun clarified that the unjust decision of Trump doesn't pay any attention to the international law and the international resolutions, indicating that the Palestinians have stood in the face of that decision, and today they are celebrating the Christmas in defiance of the Zionist entity.
It is regrettable that the United States has abandoned its original mission to protect human and peoples' rights and to promote democracy, in wake of this unjust decision," stated the Patriarch.
Rather, it should continue in order to avert similar future decisions and to stop this unjust decision which affected all Muslims, Arab Christians and humanity as well as all sympathizers with this just issue," he said.
We are moving with all firmness to force the American administration to retreat from its unjust decision.
He added the Arab education organization, based in al- Quds, is merely concerned with the education and has no relation with the political issues, denouncing the US unjust decision of considering Quds capital of Israel which has coincided with the US congress vote on the stoppage of assistance to the Palestinians, calling for holding an Islamic and Christian summit to pressure the USA to withdraw its recognition of Quds as the capital of Israel.
This is an unfair and unjust decision for the Palestinians and this move is very disappointing, not only disappointing to the Gulf, but it is also disappointing to many Muslim countries around the world.