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The policy was not clear on what constitutes 'unjustified refusal.' To be sure, the term 'unjustified refusal' could not possibly cover all forms of 'refusal' as the employee's resistance, to be punishable by termination, must be 'unjustified.' It is on this area where MPhils.
Imelda Marcos due to her and her legal counsel's "unjustified" absence at the promulgation of judgment on her graft case over the ill-gotten wealth during the regime of her husband, dictator Ferdinand Marcos.
But in the meantime, President Trump has promised that he will not allow American agriculture to bear the brunt of the unjustified retaliation from foreign nations.
According to reporter, Qayoom Wani while addressing a meeting of JKTF office-bearers in held Srinagar said, 'Bipin Rawat's statement is unjustified and does not suit to the officer holding such a responsible position.
In considering the unjustified dismissal claim, the authority said the situation was not one in which the manager had refused to participate in the disciplinary process; rather she had been willing to attend, it was just a question of when the meeting was to be held.
"We regret the decision to sever relations," the ministry said in a statement broadcast by Al-Jazeera, adding that "these measures are unjustified, they are based on assertions without foundation."
The Turkish attack was an "unacceptable and unjustified violation of Iraqi sovereignty," the statement from the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said.
The European Commission has referred Cyprus to the EU Court of Justice because it has failed to remove excessive and unjustified obstacles to the provision of services in the internal market, namely shareholding requirements for all engineering professions.
PESHAWAR -- The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly in a unanimously passed resolution on Tuesday strongly condemned the rising trend of violence against women and termed the atrocities in the name of so-called honor unjustified.
Cases of unjustified emendations of scientific names dedicated to people in tarantulas (Mygalomorphae: Theraphosidae)
Summary: The Maharat Foundation, a media watchdog, denounced Thursday security forces' use of "unjustified violence" against "You Reek" campaign activists.
* assessing the incidence and prevalence of unjustified and unlawful killings of people of color by law enforcement agents, and the unjustified response from communities of color;