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Now, common to all theories of exploitation is an attempt, by the proponent of the particular theory, to explicate the wrongness, unfairness or unjustness that defines the act of interpersonal exploitation.
This perspective on Procula's dream emphasizes the spiritual value of the crucifixion rather than the unjustness of the Roman court by depicting a foiled devil, frustrated at the prospects of Christ's conviction.
But she is not getting a lot of sympathy at the moment and I fear the result of her trial reflects all the unjustness of that prejudice against the discarded wife.
38) He recalls the unjustness of laws, the severity of taxation, and a climate of fear and oppression created under Henry VII and gloriously removed by Henry VIII.
Martin Luther King's letter from a Birmingham jail regarding the unjustness of segregation laws he stated, "To put it in terms of Thomas Aquinas: an unjust law is a human law not rooted in eternal and natural law.
A large number of social and political workers, civil society representatives observed protest demonstration and chanted slogans against the KSP category system of the university, which is an unjustness with the students of Sindh as well as versus of the merit.
In Lane County, an action on Tuesday provides an opportunity to make our voices heard about the unjustness of the current tax code and the folly of a bloated defense budget - especially when local needs are so pressing.
It was profoundly upsetting to see the contrast and the unjustness of it.
For example, campaigns against the unjustness of execution of women accused of heterosexual sex outside of marriage (adultery or fornication) have not called for these to be decriminalized (as an aspect of privacy rights), and others calling for decriminalization of consensual same-sex sexual behaviour remain silent on criminalization of consensual heterosexual sex.
Another critical argument against the unjustness of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the involvement of HTS links these wars to perceived colonialism.
9) Indeed, the purpose of this section of his preface is to point out to his readers the modesty of his theatrical demands--any appropriate scenery and costumes will suffice--and hence the unjustness of his treatment by theatre managers.
Violence against women is unjustness, cruelty and shamefulness," Erdogan said while addressing Women Convention organized in Buyuk Anadolu Hotel in Ankara.