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If your mother and brother are unkind to you, you may leave them, but remember you are bound to your husband for life.
It was some time, indeed, before it came to this, for, but I know not by what ill fate guided, everything went wrong with us afterwards, and that which was worse, my husband grew strangely altered, forward, jealous, and unkind, and I was as impatient of bearing his carriage, as the carriage was unreasonable and unjust.
This provoked him to the last degree, and he called me not only an unkind wife, but an unnatural mother, and asked me how I could entertain such a thought without horror, as that of leaving my two children
Long she bore with their unkind words and deeds; and when at length she found it was the ungrateful Fairy who had wrought this trouble in her quiet kingdom, she strove, with sweet, forgiving words, to show him all the wrong he had done; but he would not listen, and still went on destroying the happiness of those who had done so much for him.
But no rude hand tore her little ones away, no unkind words were spoken; but a soft shower of dew fell lightly on them, and Thistle, bending tenderly above them, said,--
Long and hard he worked, and was often sad and weary, often tempted by unkind and selfish thoughts; but he thought of Lily-Bell, and strove to be kind and loving as she had been; and soon the Spirits learned to love the patient Fairy, who had left his home to toil among them for the sake of his gentle friend.
Yes, it is I," said Thistle, "but no longer cruel and unkind.
He meant not to be unkind, however, and, as a mark of his affection for the three girls, he left them a thousand pounds a-piece.
I have NEVER had anyone say -- directly -- anything as unkind as some of the stuff I get tweeted.
Let's hope the forecast is wrong and the weather isn't too unkind.
I explained to her that blabbing is unkind and hurts two people: the uninvited person and me.
The girl shivers in a sleeping bag escaping into pages of a novel but the unkind words from callous youths cause her to enter this world again.