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The website unkindly states: "She was in Stoke-on-Trent with the Central Tonight tour bus, in overcast weather conditions, when she ad-libbed '.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The mother of Deputy Police Chief Ensar Doy-an, who was arrested following a controversial anti-police operation in late July, has told the Turkish media that a public prosecutor treated her unkindly when she asked to visit her son earlier this week.
Some have rather unkindly compared the dress to a car wash roller but we think fringe definitely benefits the America's Got Talent judge.
That's what Jai discovers tonight when Charity, left, gets revenge on him for having a kid with the woman she rather unkindly describes as "Scrapey Face".
That's what Jai discovers tonight when Charity gets revenge on him for having a kid with the woman she rather unkindly describes as "Scrapey Face".
PARIS * For generations, France's best-known cathedral rang in Masses and Christian holidays with what some people unkindly called the most discordant bells in Europe.
But the prestige that being Ascot's partner brings is irreplaceable, especially for a channel which was once nicknamed, rather unkindly, All The Rubbish.
A sarcastic woman unkindly chimes in, "I know, right
It is something if you have been a goalkeeper you take very unkindly to.
A Reno court, however, also noted evidence that Cynthia was unkindly disposed toward Danny--one could even say angry with him--over his habit of stubbing out lit cigarettes on Cynthia's legs, a practice that left unsightly burn scars.
Children who feel good about themselves may be better prepared to know how to react when another child behaves badly or unkindly towards them.
She's also accused of threatening Natan Zahavi, a popular radio broadcaster, who spoke unkindly of Tzanani on his show.