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B2B leaders who can approach their customers or suppliers with the intent to unknot the bow tie will reap growth and cost savings that more than compensate for the risks they take.
Brew the tea, sit in a quiet, cozy spot, and just sip as you listen to the silence and feel your body unknot.
Then she stepped out of the dress and came and began to unknot his tie, pushing aside his own suddenly clumsy fingers.
We have to go under and over each other, trying to unknot ourselves without letting go of each other's hands.
In the mornings, her mother would rough-comb Saima's hair out, trying to unknot the gnarls, and then tie it in two tight braids.
Verdict: It didn't particularly help unknot my tangles but it did help add volume.
They know their main reason for being is to keep us company, to lift our sorrow, and to unknot our tension.
It got so that I was always watching the gas gauge of any vehicle we were riding in with dread, and only when it read a full tank did my stomach unknot.
ACROSS: 8 Manchuria 9 Arena 10 Dunedin 11 Frigate 12 Aztecs 14 Antilles 16 Thames barrier 20 Falmouth 21 Umbria 24 Pack Ice 25 Armenia 27 Acton 28 Louisiana DOWN: 1 Unknot 2 Chad 3 Franc 4 Baffin Bay 5 Pacific Rim 6 de Gaulle 7 Far East 8 Madras 13 Cambodians 15 Tsetse fly 17 Holy city 18 Off-peak 19 Panama 22 Runway 23 Kabul 26 Mesa
But it seems to me that to say that life is a mysterious riddle or enigma which it behooves us to solve, or unknot, is one thing.
This admonition punctuates Thiers' most extensive rebuke of those sinners who seek "to unknot the cord .
European destinations If you're fond of a firm massage, you won't be disappointed - with Montenegrin men and women being famously tall, they seem to have plenty of strength to unknot your tensions and make your worries from home melt away.