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Mencken once wrote, "Penetrating so many secrets, we cease to believe in the unknowable.
Abbott has some valuable suggestions, but in the end he appears to conclude that one can only "talk around" (44) such experiences, because they are as ineffable as the unknowable itself.
what is totally unknowable until the future reveals it?
Of the unknowable stars, not the sun that makes up our days.
Kim, the son of North Korea's founder, remained an unknowable figure.
The book is, after all, itself a katzenjammer: the aftermath of prior, frequently unknowable events.
The laconic, unknowable Zen is dragged into murky waters by a government official after the killing of an influential fixer and his two prostitute companions.
He is a lovable god - not infinite and unknowable, but a manifestation that can be know and touched.
The precise number of new entities that will ultimately be created pursuant to PPACA is currently unknowable," the report says, largely because of the many mechanisms the law uses to create them.
I call the unknown, and in my opinion unknowable, first cause God.
It is certainly a story full of mystery, unusual happenings and the threat of unknowable dangers that could be awaiting them.
difference-- Unknowable presences, enemies of description, they wait and